Ohio Building Codes for Adding Egress Windows

Egress windows are windows that are large enough to escape from in the event of a fire. While egress windows have to be present on all levels, most egress window regulations involve basement applications. For basement finished space to be considered living space, specific code requirements have to be met. In Ohio the egress window codes are meant to protect the individuals that remodel homes with basement living space.

Window Size

The minimum height of the egress window opening should be 24 inches. The minimum width of the egress window opening should be 20 inches.

Window Wells

Window wells must allow the egress window to fully open and operate as it was intended. If the window well height is greater than 44 inches, a ladder or steps must be installed to allow ease of escape from the window well.


All bedrooms must have one egress opening per bedroom. Each window has to have 5 square feet of clear space in order to access the egress window properly. Basement living spaces do not require an egress window if a basement bedroom exists with an egress off the basement living area.