What Are Atrium Windows?

Atrium windows are windows manufactured by North America's largest window and door manufacturing company, Atrium Windows and Door Company. Atrium windows are manufactured under strict quality and environmental standards and are the first choice of builders, re-modelers, contractors, retailers and lumberyards. The company has a range of products distributed through its distribution centers in over 23 U.S. States and has over 7000 employees.


The Atrium Window and Door Company opened its doors in Rural Hall, North Carolina, in 1948. The company was called The Aluminum Products Company and manufactured aluminum storm products. The name of the company changed to Ellson Windows and Doors when vinyl became the preferred window material of their customers The company changed its name once again in the year 2000 after acquiring a window manufacturing firm to its present name Atrium Window and Door Company. By acquisition and organic growth, Atrium Windows is the largest and easily recognizable window brand today. It is also the largest distributors of residential windows.


Atrium windows are easily recognized by their trademarks, Atrium and Wing. The other method of finding out whether the window is an Atrium window is by checking the labels on the windows. The company motto is "Quality, Selection and Service," and the windows are certified by building material certifying agencies. The windows will have certification labels of the AAMA (The American Architectural Manufacturer's Association), NWWDA (National Wood Window and Door Association) and the NAMI (National Accreditation and Management Institute). The windows also come with U Factor and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), and the R factor labels that conform to strict environmental standards and regulations. If the building is near the sea, Atrium windows have a label to show they conform to strict coastal building regulations.


Atrium windows are quality windows at affordable prices. Atrium has the largest range of windows for residential and business constructions compared with other companies. The windows are made of vinyl and aluminum. The tax saving low e glass comes with a thin silver layer that deflects solar heat and allows only natural light through the window.


Customers choose Atrium windows over other windows because of the strict adherence to manufacturing and environmental regulations. Customers can get a deduction of up to 30 percent on their taxes by using Atrium windows due to the windows conforming to the low-energy-consuming SHGC regulations. Atrium windows are strong and safe. The company sponsors an annual Window Safety Week to educate construction professionals and others about window safety.


Atrium windows have an inward tilt to make cleaning easy. Optional grids between glass panes are available so that windows don't require frequent cleaning. The company offers a transferable limited-life warranty on its products. Some of the glass windows manufactured by the company and some glass components come with a lifetime glass-breakage warranty. The windows are so designed that interiors are kept cool in summer and warm in winter and ensure the building is energy efficient.