What Are Atrium Windows?

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The term "atrium window" can refer to two things: a style of window also known as a garden window or a company called Atrium Windows & Doors. However, much like the names Kleenex, Xerox and Band-Aid that blur the line between product and brand, "atrium windows" also describes windows that were popularized by the Atrium Company.

What Are Atrium Windows?
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History of Atrium Windows & Doors

Originally known as Atrium Companies, the company was founded in 1946 in North Carolina. However, the company's headquarters have since relocated to Dallas, Texas. They incorporated in 1995, and the official name was changed to Atrium Windows & Doors, Inc. in 2012.


Manufacturing all of its products in the United States, the company operates two factories: one in Welcome, North Carolina and one in Dallas. Robert Kirby is the current CEO of Atrium Windows & Doors, Inc.

What Makes Atrium Windows Unique?

Atrium Windows & Doors offers vinyl windows in all styles, promising windows that are safe, efficient and easy to clean. The company has focused on using technology to insulate their windows. This lowers the amount of heat that passes through windows, known as the solar heat gain coefficient, in order to make homes more comfortable in warmer climates.


Safe Harbor Windows

Because both of their manufacturing facilities are located in hurricane-prone areas, perhaps it's no surprise that the company has also dedicated resources toward developing impact-resistant windows.

Known as SafeHarbor windows, the development of this line of products experienced a few bumps in the road when over 500 units were recalled in December 2016. It was discovered that the glass could dislodge from the frame in true hurricane conditions, creating a dangerous projectile.


About Atrium Doors

As you might guess from the company's name, Atrium also specializes in glass doors. They offer two-, three- and four-panel sliding doors with different decorative frames to match your interior decor. This way, you can source your windows and doors from the same company and guarantee a matching set.


You can learn more about the company and what they offer by visiting their website at atrium.com.

Atrium Windows: Disambiguation

Occasionally, people talk about atrium windows without meaning to reference the company of the same name. Instead, they are talking about windows commonly found in the atrium or lobby area of large buildings. Sometimes, these windows go by the name "garden windows."


In ancient Rome, an atrium was an open-air courtyard surrounded by a building, making it private and secure. Since that era, atria now commonly have glass ceilings in order to give the appearance of an open-air design but with the added benefits of weather protection.

Atrium or Garden Windows

Think about a greenhouse or sun room in order to understand what atrium windows look like. A full wall of glass eventually begins to slope up and in, tying into the roof. This inward slope allows a lot more light to come in through the windows.


Garden windows don't have to be floor-to-ceiling designs. They can represent a simple box that protrudes from the window frame, complete with glass top and sides. Commonly installed in kitchen windows, houseplants or potted herbs placed on shelves within these windows can enjoy maximum sunlight.

Atrium windows can bring your sun room to the next level by opening it up so much that it nearly looks like you're outdoors. They represent a perfect choice for avid gardeners who like to grow indoor plants or start seedlings inside during the winter, or for people who want to feel like they're enjoying nature without feeling the effects of weather. Anyone who likes to enjoy sunshine year round will enjoy this style of window.


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