How to Load Nails in the Bostitch Nail Gun

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Driving nails into a surface used to be a daunting task, particularly if lots of nails were to be used in a short time. Thankfully, there's now the powered nail gun. The Bostitch nail gun, manufactured by Stanley, is known as one of the most durable and effective nail guns on the market. Follow the steps below to load nails into a Bostitch nail gun.


Step 1

Disconnect the nail gun from its power source.

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Step 2

Turn the nail gun upside down.

Step 3

Lift the slide latch located at the rear of the nail gun.


Step 4

Pull the slide away from the nail gun while keeping the slide latch lifted.

Step 5

Note the arrows that appear on the slide. The arrows indicate which side of the nail gun the nails must rest against.


Step 6

Insert the nails into the rail that was exposed when you pulled away the slide. The nails must be pointed toward the bottom of the nail gun and on the side the arrows in step 5 point to.

Step 7

Release the slide, then push it toward the nail gun until it clicks to finish the loading process.