How to Attach a Dremel Sanding Disc

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Dremel rotary tools are among the most versatile hand power tools out there. With a Dremel, you can grind, cut, carve, polish, route, engrave and sand. Your ability to sand using a sanding disc requires a specific type of Dremel mandrel. The tools required to attach the mandrel to a Dremel tool are supplied with the tool at the time of purchase. Sanding discs are available in various grits including 180-grit, 220-grit and 240-grit.


Step 1

Unplug your Dremel rotary tool. Loosen the collet using the collet wrench and remove the accessory in the collet, if any.

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Step 2

Slide a No. 402 Dremel mandrel into the collet and tighten it with the wrench. Loosen and remove the tip screw from the mandrel.


Step 3

Insert the mandrel tip screw through the hole in the center of a sanding disc. Tighten the screw into the mandrel.

Step 4

Plug the Dremel rotary tool into an electrical outlet and turn the variable speed selection switch to between "12" and "17" for hardwood and softwood products and between "5" and "8" for laminates and plastic products.



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