How to Repair a Bostitch Nail Gun

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Things You'll Need

  • Bostitch nail gun

  • Screwdriver

  • Hammer

A Bostitch nail gun is one of the best tools to have both at home and work. It is a lightweight tool featuring magnesium housing that makes it durable enough to withstand the regular bashing and banging of daily use. With its rubber foot and adjustable nail depth, it can be used on a wide range of materials, including soft woods. Most Bostitch nail guns work with any air compressors and feature an adjustable tool to direct exhaust or spent air away from the user when it is not in use.


Step 1

One problem you might experience with the Bostitch nail gun is that it frequently double or triple shoots nails. This occurs when the nail gun is attempting to shoot several nails at the same time even though the trigger has only been pulled once. Make sure you are using standard nails. If you are, the cause of multiple firing could be that the coil and the firing pin are not in line and are causing the nail to bend during firing. Ensure that the firing pin and the coil are in line so the nails do not fall out of place before firing.

Step 2

If air is leaking or blowing out through the trigger, it could be because the O-ring in the trigger (sometimes referred to as the purple ring) is out of place or split. Open up the Bostitch nail gun to replace the O-ring if it is broken.


Step 3

Sometimes the piston on your Bostitch nail gun may become stuck after firing. It is very likely that the valve head is stuck. Take off the blank head, and check whether the return spring is loaded. Push down the spring, and notice whether it returns back up. If it does, then the valve head needs replacing.

Step 4

Bostitch nail gun jams sometimes occur. When a nail gets stuck somewhere in the nail gun, the easiest way to get it out is to open the nail gun nose. You will have to un-tighten four screws and remove them. Pull the stuck nail out, and replace it. Don't forget to tighten the screws and the nuts.


Step 5

If the nail head gets stuck between the barrel and the plunger, the gun gets stuck and only fires air. The easiest method to repair the Bostitch nail gun when this happens is to remove the head, uncover the cylinder and place the nail gun on a piece of wood with the nose facing up. Use an Allen wrench and a large hammer to blow the driver free. This method involves hammering; therefore, it is vital you protect your head, face, hands and other exposed body parts. The most common method is to hammer the driver free without uncovering the head.



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