What Is Keyhole Mounting?

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Shelves appear to float with keyhole mounting.
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Keyhole mounting is a method of securing or hanging an object as flush as possible against a flat surface. The main reason for using this type of mounting system is to hide the hanging hardware for a neat and clean look. With this type of system, a keyhole-shaped hole may already be built in or you can attach a keyhole plate to the back of the object.


How It Works

The hole of the mounting system is shaped similar to an upside down keyhole with a round hole at the bottom and a slot extending up from the hole. The hole is usually larger than the head of the screw or nail installed in the wall, while the slot is narrower than the head. This allows you to easily slip the hole over the head of the screw or nail and then slide the slot down to securely hold the object against the wall.

Home Applications

Typically found in home theaters, keyhole mounting is used for hanging speakers on the walls for a surround-sound system. Instead of sitting on the floor below your desk, an electrical power strip with built-in keyhole slots can attach to the back or underneath your desk.Use keyhole mounting to secure a decorative corbel, which is a fancy bracket used to support an object such as a shelf, to a wall. Shelves with built-in keyhole slots can mount to a wall with the hardware out of sight.


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