A manual tile cutter allows you to cut ceramic and porcelain tile without using a wet tile saw. Be aware that manual tile cutters have limitations: they cannot cut natural stone tiles, they can only cut straight lines and they cannot cut notches of any shape. If all you need to do is cut a straight line through your tile, a manual cutter will do the job.

QEP Manual Tile Cutter

Step 1

Make a few practice cuts following manufacturer specifications. Become familiar with the operation of the cutter before beginning work on your tile.

Step 2

Measure the size of the cut and mark the tile where you want it cut.

Step 3

Place the tile underneath the cutter and line the mark up with the scoring wheel. Apply firm, even pressure to the tile to score the surface.

Step 4

Place the cutting shoe on the edge of the tile and apply steady pressure to make the tile break along the scored line.