How to Replace Ikea Drawer Fronts

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Screwdriver for hardware

  • No-end screws

  • Hammer

When you purchase a kitchen from Ikea, you get drawer fronts that match the cabinet doors as well as cabinet frames that form the base and wall cabinets. If you decide to give your kitchen a makeover and replace the drawer fronts, you may run into trouble -- especially because the fronts are connected to the drawer frame, which you want to save for the new drawer front. Use a simple screwdriver procedure to loosen the front and replace it with the existing connection screws to save rebuilding costs.

Step 1

Pull out the drawer from the base drawer unit by angling the drawer slightly to unhinge the drawer from the sliding track. Place the drawer on a table, so the drawer front hangs slightly out from the table's edge.

Step 2

Place the flat-head screwdriver between the drawer front and side panels. Apply pressure and push slightly toward the drawer front to separate the front from the side panels. Do this on both sides of the drawer, so the no-end screws are pushed out of the side panels. Continue this procedure until the drawer front slides off the side panels.

Step 3

Pull out the no-end screws from the drawer front and set aside. Unscrew the hardware handle or knob from the original drawer front with the suited screwdriver and place the handle and installation screws aside for the new drawer front.

Step 4

Examine the new drawer front and locate the pre-drilled installation holes. Flip the new drawer front around until you have the proper position for installation on the drawer frame. Insert the no-end screws from the previous drawer front into the pre-drilled holes in the drawer front. Place the drawer front in front of the drawer frame. Slide the no-end screws sticking out of the drawer front into the drawer frame.

Step 5

Place the drawer upright, so the drawer front is facing upward. Use the hammer to push the drawer front completely in place, applying light pressure to the hammer. Hammering too hard will create dents in the drawer front. Aim to hammer areas where the no-end screws are attached.

Step 6

Reinstall the drawer hardware handle or knob, using the original hardware screws and the suited screwdriver. For a consistent look, place the knob or handle in the middle of the drawer on each drawer front you replace.


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