Kitchen islands make a great addition to any kitchen, whether you are doing a remodel or are building new. It does not matter if you are making you own kitchen island or if you have found one which suits your tastes to buy at a cabinet shop or home improvement store, you will definitely need to figure out how to anchor the island to the floor. The task of anchoring your kitchen island to the floor is fairly easy and can be completed even by home improvement novices.

Anchoring your kitchen island is simple

Step 1

Determine the exact spot in your kitchen where you will be setting your island. Determine the exact size of the base of the island you have chosen. Set your island in the spot where it will be permanently located.

Step 2

Use the pencil and mark the outer edge of the base of the island on the floor of the kitchen. Lay the island on its side and measure the thickness of the wood used for the base. Measure that thickness on the inner sides of the line you have drawn on your floor.

Step 3

Use the new marks to draw lines representing the inner border of the base of the island. Cut two-by-fours to length. Use the drill with screwdriver attachment and 3-inch screws to secure two-by-fours to the floor along the lines you just drew.

Step 4

Set the island over the two-by-fours secured to the floor. Using the 3-inch screws sideways through the base of the island, attach the island to the two-by-fours.