Chrome Vs. Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

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When redoing your kitchen sink, one important thing to consider is your faucets. Getting the decision right is essential both to your kitchen sink's aesthetic and functionality. And one big decision faced by those choosing their newest set of faucets is whether to purchase chrome or stainless steel fittings. Both materials are very popular and have lots of positives about them. But properly knowing the differences between chrome and stainless steel kitchen faucets can be the best way to make the right decision for your kitchen.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Benefits

Stainless steel has long been a popular choice for kitchen faucets — and it's not hard to see why. One reason people are so fond of it is its durability. According to Faucets Rated, stainless steel can have a life of over 10 years and is highly resistant to denting and corrosion.


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Stainless steel is also known to be good at maintaining an even, shiny appearance. It's more resistant to water spots and finger marks and is very easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel faucets are also excellent in temperature extremes, which is perfect for kitchen taps.

Another benefit of stainless steel faucets is their affordability. A huge range of stainless steel faucets is available on the market at very competitive prices at the Home Depot, Walmart, Target and Amazon, among other online retailers.


Stainless Steel Faucet Downsides

There are some downsides to stainless steel faucets, however. While they do have a shiny finish, many complain they're less shiny and reflective than other faucet options. Stainless steel does tend to look modern and clean, but it can also look rather basic too.


Chrome Kitchen Faucet Basics

The main benefit of chrome kitchen faucets is their appearance. According to Realty Today, the chrome electroplating of these faucets leads to an impeccable finish.

Unfortunately, this beautiful finish can come at a cost. Chrome fittings can be more easily damaged over time. When compared to stainless steel, it is far less durable. It can be prone to scratching, plus it shows dirt and fingerprints more easily, according to Soho Concept. Chrome fittings also tend to be more highly-priced than their stainless steel counterparts. Nonetheless, with proper maintenance, chrome fittings can be kept in good condition and last a long time.


You can find chrome kitchen faucets at retailers like the Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Wayfair and others.

Chrome Vs Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

When choosing between chrome and stainless steel kitchen faucets, it's important to consider your personal wants and needs. As Han Cio Sanitary Ware puts it, it's a choice between opting for an aesthetic or a more practical choice.


Chrome is unbeaten in terms of look. For a shiny looking faucet that is truly stunning, it's the clear winner. But if you're more concerned about longevity, durability and getting more for your money, stainless steel might be the better faucet choice.

If you're meticulous about constant cleaning and upkeep, and aesthetic is of the highest importance to you, opt for a chrome faucet. But if you live a busier life and prize practicality above all, you'll probably be far happier opting for stainless steel for your kitchen sink.




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