How to Convert a Multi-Family Home Into a Single Family Home

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Many large houses have been converted to homes for more than one family. If you have bought a house that has been converted to multiple dwellings but want it just for one family, you can convert it back to its original state. The conversion is not just a matter of knocking down stud walls, however; you will need to have some experience in a range of construction skills.

Step 1

Check with the local authorities to learn what permits you need to reduce the number of dwellings on your property. By converting multiple homes into one home, you are reducing the number of homes available in the area.


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Step 2

Draw up a plan of the house, and determine the use for each room. Decide how many bathrooms you need, and identify the location of the original kitchen. These plans will help you determine where utility services should be left in place. Consider having an architect draw up these plans for you.

Step 3

Use whatever records of the home you have that depict its original form to help you determine where dividing walls have been added. A contractor or carpenter experienced in home building will be able to tell you which walls are structural and cannot be removed. Take down stud partition walls to open up rooms to their original size, and remove internal entrance doors and frames.


Step 4

Remove the gas and water pipes that serve the added kitchens and bathrooms. You may need to remove the entire plumbing system and start again if the new layout if the house is drastically different. The same logic applies to the heating system if independent boilers have been installed for each dwelling. Make sure you hire qualified professionals to carry out this work.

Step 5

Rewire the electricity supply to one fuse box control panel. It is important to have only one fuse box so that the electricity can be turned off from one location. Have a qualified electrician examine the wiring. You may need to rewire the whole house.


Step 6

Redecorate the house to unify the interior style. Consider where walls have been removed as ceilings, floor coverings and skirting boards will all have to be replaced or repaired.



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