How to Get Caulking Out of Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Razor blade or scissors

  • Ice

  • Spot cleaner like Goo Gone

If you're not exceedingly careful when using it, caulk can get everywhere, and it happens to be a very difficult stain to get out of fabric. Here are some tips that will help you save your clothes.

Step 1

If you've gotten caulk on clothing or something else you can put in a washing machine, start by washing the item in a heavy-duty cycle. Use bleach if possible. Use cold water, as hot water can cause the caulk to melt and sink deeper into the fabric.


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Step 2

After the item is dry, or if you weren't able to wash it, scrape off any excess caulk with a straight blade or a pair of scissors. Be careful: If the caulk has hardened, it will be easy to cut the fabric.

Step 3

Apply ice to the spot. When the caulk freezes, it is easier to scrape off. Try the scissors or razor blade again.

Step 4

Apply a spot treatment like Goo Gone. If you can, put the fabric through another cycle in the washing machine. If not, scrub it in warm water.