Tools to Build a House

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Actually, your equation will involve more tools than this.

Building a house requires a vast array of tools, and you will find yourself needing specific tools as you make your way through the long process. A handful of basic toolbox items like pliers, hammers and screwdrivers are going to be necessary nearly every step of the way. Make sure you have these essential tools on hand before you move from architect's drawing board to your piece of land.


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Measuring Tools

Measure twice and cut once.

Measurement can be either the savior or the devil of your house building plan. You will be measuring length, depth, width, angle, verticals and horizontals as you build your house, so invest in the most accurate measuring tools you can. Among the most useful tools for homebuilding measurement needs are a bench rule, a mason's rule, steel tape measure, carpenter's square, combination square, level, plumb bob, depth gauge and chalk line.



Don't be confused; buy several saws for your project.

Carpentry tools are necessary for both exterior and interior wood work. Even if you are building a brick house, you will still need to invest in some quality saws. Invest in a high quality handsaw for cutting large planks or panels. A back saw is better for cutting a tenon and other joints. A dovetail saw is better for cutting very fine joints.


Power Tools

This handy little drill is a real time-saver.

Power tools will let you get away with not investing in a series of saws as well as helping make the process of building a house go much more quickly, especially for those who will be using exterior wood. A portable circular saw can be a particular time-saver because you can change the blade to suit several purposes. Attach a metal cutting blade to saw efficiently through aluminum, copper and brass. Carbide tipped blades are great for cutting particle board. Abrasive disks will even allow you to cut marble and wall blocks. Other valuable power tools include drills, a router and lathe.



Plan cutting and soldering if you install copper pipe.

Plumbing requires a handful of specialized tools depending on what kind of materials you are using. Basic tools for plumbing start with a selection of wrenches. Buy an adjustable wrench, stillson wrench, basin wrench and crescent wrench to handle much of the job.


Specialty plumbing tools run the gamut. Just a partial list of plumbing tools found in "Tools and How to Use Them" include a spring tube bender, pipe burring reamer, flaring tool, pipe and tube cutter, tube bender, soldering iron to heat metal pipes and an augur.

Electrical Tools

A multimeter is essential for electrial work.

It is better to leave the electrical part of building a house to a professional, but if you are qualified then you already know that tools for dealing with the electrical system are not ones commonly found inside a toolbox. According to "Reader's Digest New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual," you will need a volt-ohm meter, outlet analyzer, voltage tester, continuity tester, multipurpose tool, wire stripper, cable stripper, screwdriver, pliers, fuse puller and fish tape.


Masonry Tools

Working with bricks or plaster requires a trowel.

Masonry tools will be required for those building an exterior out of brick instead of wood, as well as for some interior work. A trowel is necessary for applying the mortar. An angle trowel will make finishing plaster corners more efficient. Flooring trowels have a heavy steel blade that makes it better for applying finish mortar or working with concrete.



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