How to Store Laminate Flooring

You just found some inexpensive laminate flooring and you can't pass up the deal. You have been wanting to replace the flooring in your family room or other space for some time now. Your only worry is how to store laminate flooring before you are ready to install it. Laminate flooring is easy to store. You don't need a special storage place for it—just your home.

Step 1

Clear out a space in the room or space you are planning on installing the laminate flooring in. This space should be in your house, not a garage or storage building.

Step 2

Check the temperature in the room or space with a thermometer. The room should be cool—around 60 degrees F or lower.

Step 3

Check for any dampness in the room or area. The space should be dry with little to no moisture in the air.

Step 4

Keep the laminate flooring in its box and place it in the space you cleared in the room or other area. Flooring can be stacked. Any laminate flooring planks that do not have a box may not work with planks that are not exposed to the air. Wrap these exposed planks in a sheet or other cloth cover and use them only if needed when installing the flooring.