How to Run a Stovepipe Out a Window

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The stovepipe, also called a chimney connector, is the component that usually connects the chimney to the stove. When placed through a window, it is meant to exhaust the fumes out of the house. These pipes are often present on wood stoves and an improper installation can be a fire hazard. In order to run the stovepipe out of a window, the proper materials and a plan is needed. It is important to purchase a pipe that is thick as it will increase the efficiency. This is measured by a gauge number, with the lower the number the thicker the pipe.


Step 1

Open the window so that you can start the installation process. Create enough room so that you can easily maneuver and avoid hitting the glass so that it doesn't break.

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Step 2

Connect the pipe using a pipe joint to the exhaust opening on the back of the stove, also known as the flue collar. The metal pipe should be at least as big as the flue collar or it will not join correctly. Insert the pipe joint between the metal pipe and the flue collar so that it overlaps each of them by at least 2 inches.


Step 3

Use the sheet metal screws and the fireproof sealant to secure the connections and make them airtight. This will prevent any smoke from escaping within the house.

Step 4

Run the pipe out the window, making sure that it is angled upward. For every foot that the pipe runs, it should be raised about 1/3 of an inch.


Step 5

Close the window, leaving around 2 inches above and below the pipe. Cut a metal sheet to the dimensions of the opening below the partly closed window. Drill a hole in the metal sheet in the place where the pipe will run. Use the jigsaw to cut out a circle the size of the pipe, starting from the hole created with the drill.

Step 6

Place the metal sheet in the window while inserting the metal pipe through the freshly cut out hole. To finish the task, use duct tape to tape the seams running between the window in the metal sheet to keep cold air from entering the house.



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