How to Cut Stove Pipe

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Stovepipe directs smoke and gas from a woodstove to the outside.

When you purchase stovepipe, you receive a bundle of rolled sheet metal cut to a specific length. While you are installing the stovepipe, it is inevitable that you will need to cut pieces of stovepipe to a shorter length. Although you can cut the stovepipe to length before it is assembled, it is often easier to cut the stovepipe after it has been put together. One tool will cut the stovepipe quickly in one step, eliminating the need to use multiple tools to drill a starting hole and then make the cut.


Step 1

Place the length of assembled stovepipe on the floor, lying on its side.

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Step 2

Pull the tape measure along the stovepipe, and place a mark on the surface of the stovepipe at the length you need to cut the stovepipe with the soapstone.

Step 3

Pull the pipe wrap around the stovepipe, aligning one edge of the pipe wrap with the length mark you placed on the surface of the stovepipe. Pull the pipe wrap tight, and align the edges of the pipe wrap to square the pipe wrap to the stovepipe.


Step 4

Run the soapstone along the edge of the pipe wrap that is aligned with the cut mark to create a cutline for you to use for reference.

Step 5

Secure a .040 abrasive cutting wheel to the 4.5-inch grinder.

Step 6

Put on your leather work gloves, safety glasses and face shield.


Step 7

Lower your face shield, and cut along your soapstone reference line with the .040 abrasive cutting wheel. Move slowly to avoid the abrasive cutting wheel wandering off the reference line.

Step 8

Slide the fine-tooth half-round file around the inside edge of the cut stovepipe to remove the bur from the stovepipe and complete cutting the stovepipe to length.



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