How to Fix Siding That Has Fallen Off

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Vinyl siding is a heavy-duty and comparatively maintenance-free material applied to the home's exterior. While durable, strong wind gusts can loosen the material, causing it to fall off the side of homes. Homeowners can hire a contractor to replace the missing siding, or purchase necessary materials and repair the siding themselves.

Step 1

Measure the length of vinyl siding needed with a tape measure.


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Step 2

Cut a section from the fallen siding with a utility knife. Bring this piece of siding to the home improvement store to match the color. Order a replacement piece from a home improvement store.

Step 3

Rest a ladder against the house and ask a helper to hold the ladder in place.


Step 4

Ask your helper to hand you the replacement vinyl siding. Grab the siding with both hands and hold the piece parallel to the existing pieces. Hook the bottom and top edges of the new siding to the existing siding.

Step 5

Raise the piece that overhangs over the new siding and secure the replacement piece with 1 ¼- or 1 1/2-inch nails. Place a nail every 16 inches to properly secure the siding.


Step 6

Lock siding into place with a zip tool. This handheld hook blade helps adhere siding to the house. Properly adhering the siding weatherproofs the home. Slide the zip tool under the replacement siding's top panel and pull downward. At the same moment, push the bottom edge of the replacement siding inward snapping the vinyl into position.



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