How to Install Shutters on Vinyl Siding

How to Install Shutters on Vinyl Siding. If you are thinking about giving the exterior of your house a makeover but don't have a lot of time or carpentry skills, consider adding shutters. They offer an instant face lift to any house. If you house has vinyl siding, shutter are especially easy to install and require no special tools.

Step 1

Take careful measurements of the windows where you plan to install shutters. Record and bring this information to your local home store. They can help you choose the correct size for your windows. Depending on the size and color you want, you may have to place an order for the shutters.

Step 2

Mark where you want the top screws to go while you hold the shutter in place. They should be in the center of the side rails about 3 to 5 inches from the top. Locate the screws near the bottom of lapped vinyl siding. That way the screw has more material to anchor to.

Step 3

Measure the same distance from the bottom of the shutter. Mark where the screws should go. If you have a long shutter, additional screws may be necessary. Just make sure they are even from the top and bottom markings.

Step 4

Lay the shutter on a sawhorse. Drill 3/16-inch holes in the shutter.

Step 5

Hold the shutter back up against the vinyl siding again. Drill through the holes just enough to make pilot holes in the vinyl siding. Set the shutter aside. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes 2 � inches deep.

Step 6

Put the shutter back up to its position. Screw it into position. The screws should be flush with the shutter's surface. If your shutters came with screw caps, attach them at this time.

Step 7

Repeat this process for the shutter on the other side of the window. Install the shutters on the other windows as well.