How to Give Stone a Wet Look. Stone creates a beautiful look for walkways, driveways, steps, patios or the front of houses. Giving finished stone a "wet" look is popular nowadays and provides added interest. This technique also makes your property have more curb appeal in the general real estate market.

Step 1

Give stone a wet look by first putting a spray silicone on it. Silicone penetrates stone and makes the stone shine. When the silicone is dry, the shine makes the stone look wet. The problem with using silicone, though, is that it is a temporary look. Silicone evaporates over time. Therefore, you must repeat the process when the stone starts to look dull again.

Step 2

Use polyurethane exterior coating to give stone a wet look. This is a type of sealant that hardens when it is dry. Apply polyurethane exterior coating by brushing it on with a paint brush or spraying it with a spray gun. You may purchase polyurethane in a satin finish or even a high-gloss finish, according to the type of wet look you are looking for.

Step 3

Try a waterproof sealant to give stone a wet look. This helps protect your stone (and mortar as well) during climate changes throughout the year. Waterproof sealants are normally used on driveway areas and walkway areas where stone is applied. The only drawback to this is that it makes the stone slippery in rain or snow. Walk carefully when it's wet.

Step 4

Look at a mister in order to give stone a wet look. A mister is mostly used in landscape areas where you have plants and stone arranged together. The mister hooks up to a garden faucet. When the faucet is turned on, it shoots a fine mist of water over the plants and stone.