How to Remove Outdoor Carpet From a Concrete Slab

Outdoor carpet on your front porch or patio can get grimy and filled with dirt and other germs. You may be embarrassed when guests come to your front doorstep if you still have ripped and disgusting carpet glued to your cement steps. With a few easy and simple steps, your concrete slab will be on its' way from dirty and dated to clean and simple.


Step 1

Before ripping the carpet off your concrete slab, vacuum or sweep the area. You will not want to be removing carpet when there is still a lot of extra debris on the concrete. The area doesn't have to be perfectly clean, but as clean as you can get it with the carpet still attached to the concrete.

Step 2

Find a loose edge on the carpet and pull. The main objective is to get as much of the carpet off the concrete before resorting to the heat gun and chemicals. If your carpet has been there for a long time, it should come up pretty easily, leaving glue remnants behind.

Step 3

Use the heat gun that you rented at the hardware store to remove any extra pieces of carpet that may be left sticking to the concrete. Doubling the heat gun with a metal paint scraper will help keep you from burning yourself on the hot glue and carpet.

Step 4

Once all the carpet has been removed, you are probably left with a lot of extra glue on the cement. Most hardware stores sell a carpet glue remover in the paint aisle of the store. Follow the directions on the product to remove the remaining glue.