How to Remove a Dummy Door Knob With No Visible Screws

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For residential interior doors that are not used for passage between rooms, such as pantries and storage or utility closets, there is no need to install a full lockset. Still, to maintain a decor consistency with the other doors in the home, the door hardware needs to match and this is where a non-operable, fixed door knob, commonly called a "dummy knob," is typically installed. A dummy knob is only affixed to one side of the door and has the same outward appearance as operable locksets throughout the house, including concealed screws, but without the elaborate installation or unnecessary expense of a standard lockset mechanism.


Step 1

Remove the knob from the base shaft. Use the tip of a standard screwdriver to push in the elongated metal tab found at the knob's base and pull the knob off of the shaft. For lever-type dummy knobs, the lever is removed by loosening the set screw at the base using an Allen wrench.

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Step 2

Detach the ornamental metal cover, called the "rosette," from the base bracket. The rosette clips over the rim of the base bracket and is dislodged by wedging the tip of a standard screwdriver beneath the rim and twisting gently to detach the rosette and expose the base bracket.

Step 3

Extract the two screws securing the base bracket to the door surface to remove the bracket and complete the dummy knob removal.



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