How to Glue Metal on Tile

Attaching metal to tile using glue prevents you from having to drill holes into the materials. Whether you're attaching a metal towel rack to a tile wall, creating an art project that involves the two materials or completing some type of home improvement project, gluing metal to tile is a simple task that involves little preparation.

Step 1

Clean both the surface of the tile and the surface of the metal. Use a solution of soap and water to remove grease or buildup of any type of dirt. Glue will not adhere well to dirty materials.

Step 2

Make a light pencil marking on the tile in the location where the metal object will go.

Step 3

Apply a coat of urethane glue, recommended by Tim Carter of Ask the Builder for its strength and ability to bond materials of different types together. Use a glue roller to coat the metal object in a thin layer of the product.

Step 4

Press the metal object into place over the pencil markings. Hold in place until the glue begins to bond, forming a solid attachment. Urethane glue is quick to bond.

Step 5

Allow at least 24 hours of drying time before handling the metal and tile to ensure the glue completely cures.