How to Troubleshoot a Bostitch Nail Gun

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The Stanley-Bostitch company manufactures an assortment of fastening tools and fasteners for industrial businesses, home improvement projects and the construction industry. The Bostich product line includes nailers, compressors, staplers, rivet tools and glue guns. Bostich pneumatic nailers require a precise operating air pressure to function properly, and air leaks are a possibility with regular use. You can troubleshoot leaks and other smaller problems before resorting to taking the nailer in for service.


Step 1

Tighten the nose screws so they are secure and replace the O-ring or gasket if the frame or nose leaks air. Lubricate all O-rings with Parker "O" Lube before reassembling the nailer. Add several drops of Bostich Air Tool Lubricant into the fitting for the air line before testing the gun.

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Step 2

Lubricate the nail gun by adding lubricant through the air line connection, or replace the cap spring if the gun does not cycle. Disassemble the nail gun to see if the head valve is stuck in the cap, and then lubricate all moving parts before you reassemble it. Inspect your air supply equipment to ensure there is no restriction that is causing the gun to malfunction.


Step 3

Replace the nails with the proper size for this tool and replace the nose if you have a worn drive channel and the nails are getting jammed in the nail gun. Adjust the nail platform in the canister so it is set for the nails you wish to use.

Step 4

Replace the O-ring and the trigger valve assembly if either the valve housing or stem leaks air. Lubricate your O-rings before you reassemble the gun.



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