How to Mix Latex Paint with Concrete

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Things You'll Need

  • Latex paint

  • Concrete mix

  • Trowel

  • Water

  • Large mixing container


Make small batches if you have different colors of latex paint left over and make stepping-stones for your garden.


Do not replace the total water with latex paint or it may reduce its strength.

Mix Latex Paint with Concrete

Mixing latex with mortar or concrete is not new. Since the 1940s, companies have added latex to add durability and strength to regular mortar. However, many states and municipalities are studying mixing latex paint with the dry concrete in place of a percentage of the water. The amount of waste latex paint collected by municipalities is impressive and the cost to dispose of it safely continues to rise. Laboratories have found in preliminary studies that replacing between 10 and 60 percent of water with latex paint has positive results, depending on the purpose of the resulting product.


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Step 1

Pour dry concrete mix into a suitable container for the amount of mix to be made. It needs to be large enough to add water and paint and still have plenty of room for mixing.


Step 2

Replace up to 20 percent of the water required with the latex paint of your choice. Mix the paint well before combining it with the concrete. Add the rest of the water and 10 percent more to make a wetter mix than normal to make sure the paint is well mixed.

Step 3

Mix the concrete and paint thoroughly until there are no dry pockets or visible patches of paint. If your latex paint is colored, the concrete will dilute the tint, resulting in a lighter color.


Step 4

Apply the well-mixed concrete and latex paint mixture to your application and allow drying for the recommended time set on the concrete mixing directions. There will be less shrinkage of the concrete due to the latex paint filling in more of the air pockets. This mix also works well for stamping concrete, as the finished form holds more detail.