How to Find Original Blueprints for a House

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How to Find Original Blueprints for a House. Most homeowners would love to be in possession of the original blueprints of their house. This is especially the case if they want to do renovation on the house. However, you may not know where to look. If this is the case, follow these steps to find the original blueprints for a house.

Step 1

Contact the realtor whom you used to purchase your house. They may know where to find the information in your area, especially if construction happened less than 50 years ago.


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Step 2

Consult with your local building inspector. Builders usually have to file a building permit before they can begin construction on a new house. Often, floor plans and elevation drawings are included in the file with the building permit. This method is most effective if builders constructed your house in the last 20 years.

Step 3

Find out if your city keeps archives of maps, old building plans and photographs. In addition, find a city historian who can tell you where to look.


Step 4

Search public records to find out who has owned your house in the past. One of these previous owners may still have the original blueprints or know where to find them.

Step 5

Research whom the builder might have been. Most builders keep the blueprints of all houses they build. Look at old real estate advertisements from the time builders constructed your house. Also, look at other houses in your town or neighborhood that closely resemble yours or appear to include the same type of materials, such as asbestos siding, for example. One builder may have built them both. In addition, find out if your house might be a kit house. You may be able to get blueprints from the company who sold it.



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