A concrete bath tub has many advantages, including a luxurious design and low cost. It can also be poured to fit your space and needs exactly. A concrete tub, since it is made from concrete, can be shaped how you want. It also has a nice surface that makes it ideal for tubs.

Step 1

Design the tub on AutoCAD software. This way you can accurately break down the number of forms you will need to cut for your concrete tub.

Step 2

Cut the outer form boards to size from 1/2-inch plywood, for instance for a 2 by 4 foot tub that is 2 feet tall, cut two 2 by 2 foot boards, and two 4 by 2 foot boards.

Step 3

Set up the forms in the shape of the tub. Fasten them together using 2 by 4 boards and braces. Lay them on a 2 by 4 plywood sheet, and securely fasten with screws and metal braces.

Step 4

Measure the inner width and length of the tub to cut and install the inside forms in the same manner. These can be fastened together with bracing and 2 by 4 boards as well. This form is to be installed inside the tub.

Step 5

Install additional 2 by 4 boards across the tops of the two forms as strapping and supports between the two forms.

Step 6

Mix the concrete and pour it into the mold. Then let dry. Remove the forms to create your tub.