How to Remove a Cultured Marble Bathtub Surround

Cultured marble bathtub surrounds offer the look of authentic marble at a fraction of the cost. Manufacturers replicate the visual appearance of marble by dyeing, mixing and molding fiberglass resin with limestone. Many homeowners tire of the faux marble and replace it with a more stylish option. Cultured marble may show signs of wear after much use and may no longer hold the sought-after look and luster of marble. Improperly installed cultured marble tub surrounds may lift, loosen or fall from a wall, making removal necessary.

Step 1

Lay tarps in a bathtub, over the floor and fixtures in the bathroom. Remove items hanging on the walls.

Step 2

Slice through the caulking between the cultured marble panels and at the edges with a utility knife. Run the knife down the length of the caulk several times while pressing down on the knife until the blade cuts through the caulk and reaches the substrate.

Step 3

Put on safety goggles, work gloves and a dust mask.

Step 4

Wedge a thin pry bar under the edge of the cultured marble tub surround. If the adhesive bonds the cultured marble tightly to the substrate, hold the end of the pry bar at a low angle to the wall with the tip of the pry bar resting at the point at which the panel meets the wall. Strike the top of the pry bar with a hammer to wedge it under the cultured marble.

Step 5

Press and pull the bar to pry the cultured marble away from the substrate. Continue to wedge the pry bar behind the cultured marble, strike the pry bar with the hammer and pry the panel off the surface until no cultured marble remains around the bathtub.