How to Remove a Shower Curtain Rod

For the most part, people ignore the shower curtain rod. It does its job quietly and effectively, supporting the shower curtain with effortless grace. Once in a while, though, the curtain rod will need attention. Perhaps it has grown grimy or damaged, in which case it will need to be replaced, or you need to change a grommet-style shower curtain. Either way, you'll need to know how to remove the shower curtain rod.

Step 1

Determine the type of shower curtain rod you have. Do visible screws hold it on, or is it a pressure-mounted rod? If you cannot see any screws, but the rod doesn't move with gentle pressure, your rod is attached with concealed mounting brackets.

Step 2

Climb up on the stepstool so you can reach the shower rod easily. Remove the shower curtain and hooks (unless you have a grommet-style curtain).

Step 3

Press up gently on the curtain rod to break the tension, if you have a pressure-mounted rod. (If that doesn't work, try screwing the narrower part of the rod back into the larger part, which should bring it away from the wall.) If flanges with exposed screws hold your shower rod to the wall, unscrew them with your screwdriver, and then take the rod down. If decorative flanges conceal the mounting brackets, find the hidden screw that holds the decorative flanges in place. This screw is likely to be on top or on the shower-side of the rod, so it isn't visible from the bathroom. Unscrew the decorative flanges and push them toward the center of the rod. Then you can reach the mounting brackets to unscrew them easily and take the rod down.