Standard Bathtub Measurements

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For many, a bathroom just isn't complete without a tub. Baths are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long, hard day. But if you're looking to redesign or upgrade your current bathroom, it can be difficult to figure out how and where to fit a bathtub. Knowing about the different styles of bathtubs out there, in addition to the standard bathtub measurements for each option, will help you choose a tub that fits, looks great and is functional too.


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You'll want to decide what style of bathtub best suits your bathroom and also consider its shape and dimensions. You may also want to think about the internal capacity of the bath. It's also worth knowing the weight of your tub. As Badeloft explains, you want to know that your floor can fully support the tub, even when it's filled with water. Having all of this information ready is the best way to make an informed bathtub choice.


Types of Bathtubs

According to Home Depot, there are five main types of bathtubs. These are an alcove bathtub, a drop-in or sunken bathtub, a freestanding bathtub, a bath and shower combo, and a walk-in bathtub. Each of these types has different benefits and drawbacks plus different standard measurements.


The first stage in any bathroom redesign is to consider which type of tub best suits your needs. You can then consider their different measurements and figure out the best bathroom layout, which, as Victoria Plum explains, is built around first deciding on the best bathroom units for you.

Different Bathtub Sizes

There are six main measurements you'll need to consider when choosing your bathtub size. There are the external measurements, which allow you to work out if your tub will actually fit in your bathroom. These include the external length, width and height. Once you're sure your new tub will fit in its designated space, you can also consider the internal measurements, which determine how comfortable soaking in your tub will be. These are, basin length, basin width and soaking depth.


Badeloft explains that the average bathtub size for the most common alcove tub is 60 inches in length and 30 to 32 inches in width. For the majority of bathroom users, this is a perfectly adequate for both room space and body size. However, if you have more specific bathtub needs, such as for a smaller bathroom or a larger member of your household, there can be a huge variety of sizes, depending on the style of tub you choose.


The Right Size for Comfort

Choosing the right size of bathtub is essential to make sure you can properly enjoy your bath. It's important to find the balance between a tub that won't overshadow your entire bathroom and make it feel cramped but will still offer enough roominess for comfortable bathing.

If you are short on bathroom space, opting for a deeper but smaller tub can help you have a more pleasant soaking experience without taking up too much real estate. Luckily, with the large range of bathtubs on the market, you can be sure of finding the right one to fit your needs perfectly.