How to Remove a Soapdish From Ceramic Tile

Removing a ceramic soap dish from ceramic tile can be done in one of two ways: removing the soap dish and keeping it intact, or removing it in pieces. If you would like to re-use the soap dish, do your best to remove the soap dish intact. Otherwise, a hammer and a heavy, flat-head screwdriver will get the job done. If you are removing the soap dish in pieces, be careful not to damage the drywall behind the soap dish. If the existing soap dish simply needs to be replaced, or updated, damaging the drywall behind the existing soap dish will complicate installing the new dish.

Ceramic Soap Dish

Step 1

Remove as much of the caulk around the soap dish as possible with a grout removal tool. Then use a razor blade scraper to cut the caulk behind the perimeter of the soap dish to more easily separate the soap dish from the wall.

Step 2

Place the block of wood to one side of the soap dish, and work the flat end of the screwdriver underneath the edge of the soap dish. Push the handle of the screwdriver towards the wall prying the soap dish away from the wall. As you pry the soap dish away from the wall, have a helper work the razor blade scraper between the wall and the soap dish cutting through any remaining caulk that will hold the soap dish to the wall.

Step 3

Scrape any remaining caulk off of the wall when the soap dish has been removed from the wall.

Step 4

Remove any tile adhesive from the hole in the wall tile that was left when the soap dish was removed. This will allow a new soap dish to be installed more easily.