Towel rings are often included as part of bath sets that include towel bars, toilet paper holders, soap dishes and wall hooks -- all designed to give a bathroom a uniform look in fixtures. The towel rings usually are closed or partial loops connected to a single base that attaches to a premounted wall bracket. Attaching the bracket squarely and accurately is the key to a well-placed, secure and professional-looking towel ring installation in any bathroom.

Towel rings can be installed into a stud or with wall anchors.

Step 1

Establish where the towel ring should be placed. Ensure that the ring is at a comfortable height for all home occupants to be able to reach it easily.

Step 2

Find the stud nearest the location where you want to mount the towel ring. If a stud is readily accessible, mark its location. If no stud is nearby, plastic wall anchors allow you to install the towel ring anywhere along the wall.

Step 3

Place the mounting bracket over the stud. Place a level against the bracket to verify that it is straight along the wall. If the bracket is not straight, it will make the towel ring appear crooked. Mark the location of the bracket holes on the wall.

Step 4

Drill holes into the wall at the indicated marks. Drill into the stud, or if you are using wall anchors, drill a hole wide enough to accommodate the anchors. Drill the holes as straight as possible for the best connection to the bracket.

Step 5

Hold the mounting bracket in place over the holes or anchors. Insert the screws and gently tighten them until the bracket is secure.

Step 6

Place the towel ring over the mounting bracket. Center the notches inside the ring base over the raised section of the bracket. Locate the small set screw on the underside of the base. Using a small slotted screwdriver, hand-tighten the screw to secure the bracket and ring together against the wall.