Like any other type of tub, jetted tubs can become outdated or broken with time. The best thing to do when your jetted tub is no longer usable is to replace it. Removing any tub from a home to make way for a new one can be difficult because tubs are typically heavy and large. Removing a jetted tub is especially difficult because they tend to be much more bulky than typical tubs. Homeowners removing jetted tubs need to disconnect the power source for the motor on the jetted tub before they get started. This will help to prevent electrical shock.

Jetted tubs are more difficult to remove than regular tubs because of their size.

Step 1

Turn off the water in your home. Because you are removing a jetted tub, you will also want to turn off the power to your bathroom.

Step 2

Unscrew the drain from the bottom of the tub with a basket wrench or screwdriver.

Step 3

Remove the access panel from the tub. Most jetted tubs should have some kind of access panel where homeowners can get in and troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

Step 4

Disconnect the plumbing to the tub while you are in the access panel. Using an adjustable wrench, remove the lock nuts that connect the drain, waste and overflow pipes.

Step 5

Unplug or disconnect the motor in the jetted tub from the power source. In some cases, you may be able to simply unplug it. Otherwise, you will need to locate the power source and disconnect the wires.

Step 6

Remove the fixtures from the tub with a screwdriver.

Step 7

Cut away approximately 6 inches of drywall from above the jetted tub with a utility knife.

Step 8

Remove screws or nails that are holding the tub flange to the studs with a hammer or screwdriver.

Step 9

Remove the tile and cement backer board from around the frame of the jetted tub with a hammer and pry bar. This will allow you to get to the frame of the jetted tub.

Step 10

Pull the jetted tub out of the 2-by-4 frame. You may need several friends and a few 1-by-4 boards to help you lift the tub out of place. Use the boards as leverage to help lift the tub.

Step 11

Remove the tub from your home. Fiberglass tubs can be cut into smaller pieces with a reciprocating saw for easier removal.