How to Remove a Bidet

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheeting

  • Crescent or pipe wrench

  • Putty or utility knife

  • Shop towel or rag

Remove your bidet.

Bidets were introduced by the French in the early part of the 18th century. They have become quite popular throughout Europe. In the United States, they are still relatively rare, but their popularity is steadily rising. A bidet is for personal cleansing and is equipped with spigots that produce a gentle stream of both hot and cold waters to provide a gentle cleansing experience. Unlike a toilet, you sit astride the bidet, facing the faucets. Since the bidet is plumbed with both hot and cold waters, removing one takes a bit more work than removal of a standard toilet.

Step 1

Spread plastic sheeting on the floor to protect it from any excess water that might leak out of the unit as you are lifting it.

Step 2

Open the spigots for the bidet so the water to the bidet is flowing. Turn off the water supply to the entire house, and then make sure that the specific inlets to the bidet are shut off. These inlets are usually located behind the bidet itself.

Step 3

Remove the water lines from behind the bidet by loosening them first with the wrench. If you are immediately replacing the bidet with a different unit, keep the lines in place, but leave them turned off until the new unit is in place.

Step 4

Scrape away any putty or caulk from the base of the bidet using the putty or utility knife

Step 5

Unscrew the bolts holding the bidet to the floor using the wrench.

Step 6

Lift the bidet up and away from its position, and move it onto the plastic sheeting.

Step 7

Place the shop towel or rag into the sewer line to prevent any gasses from escaping.

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