Hang This Throwback Item on Your Kitchen's Wall for a Totally Laid-Back Vibe

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Sometimes you don't need a lot of color to make a big impact, and Amy Bartlam surely makes that case with this stunning example. The vibrant blue cabinetry, the official eye-catching detail of this design, is expressive without being overbearing, thanks to rich undertones that coordinate beautifully with a deep navy countertop. Meanwhile, the surrounding eclectic decor adds in clever details that further enhance the look — it's hard not to be impressed by the gold accents in the stools and the peninsula's base — but stay within a dark palette so that the lighter cabinetry shines. The unusual framed artwork and throwback clock fall into that whimsical theme, too, and make their own contributions as unexpected items that keep the kitchen looking cool and casual. And as much as we're smitten about that sky blue shade, we're going to recommend that timepiece as a simple way to give your own home a stylishly off-kilter vibe in a few steps.


Make your kitchen just as laid-back and inviting with this wall clock.

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