How to Remove a Rusted Floor Drain Cover

Dealing with the floor drain cover isn´t a task you have to do every day. Because it doesn´t require daily attention, your floor drain cover can become rusted without you even noticing. When the time arrives that you must remove the cover to clean out or maintain the drain, a rusted cover can pose a challenge. With the use of simple supplies, you can remove a rusted drain cover and attend to the task at hand.

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Prevention and floor drain maintenance keep a drain from rusting.

Step 1

Spray around the rim of the floor drain cover with an all-purpose lubricant spray. Allow the lubricant to seep in around the drain cover and remain there for five minutes to loosen tightness caused by rust.

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A flat-head screwdriver adds strength and leverage to drain cover removal.

Push the tip of a flat-head screwdriver into the space alongside the rim of the floor cover.

Step 3

Pry the rusted floor drain cover off the floor with the screwdriver. If the drain cover feels loosened, repeat steps 1 and 2 until the rusted areas become unstuck and you can lift the drain cover.

Step 4

Tackle a still-stuck floor drain cover by threading the bent end of a metal coat hanger through the holes in the floor drain cover. Manipulate the metal to create a curve that can go into the drain cover and be brought back up.

Step 5

Twist the end of the metal hanger tightly around the hole in the drain cover. Leave just enough space to fit the hammer hooks through the wire loop.

Step 6

Insert the hook end of your hammer through the hole. Use the hammer and wire loop to pull the floor drain cover away from the drain. Repeatedly pull the drain cover, while alternately spraying it with lubricant spray, until the cover is removed.

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