What to Do About a Bulging Mattress?

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Stopping your mattress from sagging and bulging makes the bed more comfortable.
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Even the best or most expensive mattresses develop bulges and bumps with regular use. As you sleep on the same spot night after night, the pressure from your body pushes the mattress into the form of your body. The mattress material eventually is compressed where the bulk of your weight lies and bulges in places where no weight constricts it. You can arrange the mattress to hide the bulging areas and make the mattress feel comfortable again.


Under-Mattress Pads

Mattress pads come in two different forms: designs meant for use on top of your mattress and designs best suited for under the mattress. An under-mattress pad is best for those who cannot sleep on a lumpy surface. Mattress pads typically have bumps and grooves that make sleeping more comfortable. Silicone-based pads have a slightly slick feel that not everyone likes. When you use an under-mattress pad, lift the mattress and lay the pad on the box spring or on top of your bed skirt, then lower the mattress onto the pad. The pad smooths out the texture of the bed and filsl in the gaps that create the bulges.


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Top-Mattress Pads

A top-mattress pad features elastic in each corner, which slip over the mattress corners to keep the pad from moving. For a bulging mattress, look for pads with textured designs, such as Memory Foam pads. The textured areas mold to the size and shape of your body, while filling in those bulging areas on the mattress. The elastic pieces force the bed back into its original shape and size, which helps smooth out the bulgy areas.


Tighten the Fit

If your mattress has large bulges on the sides, it indicates a problem with the way the mattress fits on the bed. Tighten any loose screws on the bed frame and make sure the mattress sits directly on top of the box spring. Placing folded pieces of cardboard on the sides of the mattress will keep it flush with the bed frame and stop the mattress from spreading out. You can also try placing a piece of plywood on the box spring, which adds more support and keeps the mattress from sinking into the box spring.


Flip the Mattress

A simple solution to a bulging mattress is flipping the mattress every three months or as often as once a month. Every time you flip it, you change where your body sleeps on the mattress. Every other time you flip the mattress, rotate it. Turn the mattress over and rotate it around the bed. Turning the mattress keeps impressions of your body from forming in the bed and stops it from bulging.



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