My Refrigerator's Filter Is Stuck

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When you buy a refrigerator, there are a variety of emotions to experience. Not only is this an expensive investment, but nothing says adulting quite like having a functioning full-size fridge. The worst part though is when you get home, and you expect the appliance to function as easily as it did in the store. If your refrigerator's filter becomes stuck, it is possible to remove difficult or jammed water filters.

My Refrigerator's Filter Is Stuck
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Filters Located in the Base

Many new refrigerator water filters are located in the grille area of the fridge. The grille is at the bottom-front of the refrigerator. Normally, grille-mounted filters are easy to operate. They come out and install easily. But whether you're in a rush or didn't install the filter correctly, the filter can get stuck. The filters can get stuck if you don't turn them the right way or if you're not pushing the button correctly.

If the Water Filter Is Stuck

Place a cloth over the water filter cap, so that you won't damage the cap when you try to pull it out. Before you proceed, make sure the refrigerator is turned off and remove the bottom grill. If you don't know how to remove the bottom grill, the directions will be in your instruction installation packet that came with the fridge. If you by chance threw that away (because most people throw away everything), do a web search for your fridge model's instructions. Removing the grill will make it easier to access the filter cap, and you can grab onto it with a pair of pliers.

Use a pair of pliers, lock it onto the cloth and turn the cap a quarter way. When you're turning the cap, make sure to operate with care. If you apply too much pressure or turn into the Hulk, you're more than likely to break the water filter. Or you can cause damage to the water system. Even if the filter is stuck, you should be able to pull the water filter straight out with your pliers.

Filter Located Inside the Refrigerator

If your filter is inside of the fridge, it will be in the water filter compartment door. To access the filter,all you have to do is open the compartment door. When the compartment door is fully open, pull the filter entirely out.

If the Water Filter Is Stuck

First, try to close and reopen the water filter compartment door. Once the door is open, turn off the refrigerator and get rid of some of the water from the water line. Using the water dispenser, dispense the water. This will release the pressure from the water line. After you get rid of some of the water, try removing the water filter.

If this doesn't work, make sure the compartment door is open all the way. Remove the shelf that is located below the water filter compartment, and turn the filter counterclockwise. After you turn the filter counterclockwise – or to the left – pull it gently.


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