How to Get Rid of the Control Lock on My Dishwasher

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Press and hold the "Lock" icon to release the control lock on many models.
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The control lock on a dishwasher is designed to prevent accidental usage or access to the dishwasher by children or anyone else who should not be operating the dishwasher. While the control lock is meant to be a bonus feature, not everyone wants to use the lock. To get rid of it, you need to know get the lock to release.


Control Lock Function

When the control lock is engaged, none of the dishwasher controls will work and the dishwasher will not stop or start. This can also be used to keep individuals from changing the cycle once the dishwasher has started.

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Lock Keypad

On dishwasher models with a "Lock" keypad or "Control Lock" keypad, push and hold the control lock keypad for at least three seconds. Wait for the dishwasher to beep and look for the indicator light next to or above the control lock keypad. This indicates that the control lock is set.


Other Models

Other dishwashers do not have a specific lock keypad. To lock the controls on these models, hold down the "Rinse Only" or "No Heat Dry" keypad for three to eight seconds. Wait for the dishwasher to beep and the lock graphic or control lights to light up. For GE dishwasher models with no "Lock" keypad, press twice above the "China/Crystal" or "Normal Soil" keypad to lock the dishwasher.


Releasing the Control Lock

Undoing the control lock is usually the reverse of setting the lock controls. Hold down the "Lock," "Control Lock," "Rinse Only" or "No Heat Dry" keypad. Wait for the beep and the lock illuminating light to go out. Push the area above the "China/Crystal" or "Normal Soil" twice on applicable GE models. The dishwasher should now be fully operational.



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