The Average Cost Per Square Foot of a Concrete Garage Floor

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Building a new garage with a concrete floor.
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As is the case with most construction jobs, the cost of installing a concrete garage floor is subject to many variables that make it a challenge to find a typical per-square-foot cost for the job. But knowing the typical cost ranges for an average-sized job can help give you an idea of how much your own garage floor might cost.


Concrete Costs

The cost of concrete for a slab garage floor includes the delivery of concrete and any material overages as a result of waste. It doesn't include labor, supplies such as reinforcing bar, if needed, or building permit fees. At the time of publication, the average cost of concrete for a 400-square foot slab, the typical size for a two-car garage, ranges between $583 and $637 or between $1.46 and $1.59 per square foot.


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Labor Costs

On average, contractors will put in about 13 hours of labor to finish a two-car concrete garage slab. In addition to the hours to complete the project, labor costs vary depending on the part of the country in which you live. In Atlanta, for example, the labor cost for the installation of a 400-square-foot slab ranges from $1.57 to $1.64 per square foot, while in San Francisco, installation of the same slab will cost between $2.21 and $2.32 per square foot for labor.


Total Cost per Square Foot

The total cost for a concrete garage floor, including concrete, labor, supplies and equipment, varies region to region because of geographic variables. The total cost for a 400-square-foot garage floor in San Francisco ranges between $3.91 and $4.28 per square foot and between $3.26 and $3.60 per square foot in Atlanta. In suburban Chicago, the same floor will cost between $3.70 and $4.05 per square foot.


Coated Floors

Finishing a concrete garage floor with a protective or decorative epoxy coating adds considerably to the cost of the floor. The cost of coating a floor includes labor, materials, supplies and clean up. The average cost for coating a 400-square-foot floor ranges between $1.20 and $2.20 per square foot in Atlanta, between $1.45 and $2.72 in Chicago and from $1.57 to $2.97 in San Francisco. If you're set on the epoxy coating, opt for a do-it-yourself kit that saves money.



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