How to Increase Water Pressure in a Frigidaire Refrigerator

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • New water filter cartridge

  • Bucket

Refrigerator ice makers can be affected by water pressure issues.
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Frigidaire, a company that has been manufacturing refrigerators since 1918, makes a full line of refrigerators, some of which contain ice makers and/or water dispensers. These refrigerators depend on an outside water source to produce ice and chilled water, and low water pressure can have an adverse effect on these functions. To increase the water pressure in your Frigidaire refrigerator, you will need to use a process of elimination.


Step 1

Retest the system after a period of time if your water pressure is low and the reverse osmosis water filtration system is restarting. The system will require time to recover, after which normal pressure should return.

Step 2

Locate your ice and water filter cartridge if your ice maker is slow due to reduced water pressure. The cartridge can be found on the right hand side of the fresh food drawer. Slide out the old cartridge, and slide in the new. Check that ice production improves after the change.

Step 3

Locate the shutoff valve which controls the water supply line leading to your Frigidaire refrigerator. Tighten the valve all the way by turning it in a clockwise direction until firmly shut. Open the valve completely by turning it in a counterclockwise direction until it no longer turns. If your shutoff valve is not completely open, it may restrict the amount of water flowing into the refrigerator, and reduce the pressure accordingly.


Step 4

Turn off the shutoff valve for your water supply line to check for clogs in the line. Use your wrench to remove the water supply line from the rear of your refrigerator. Place the end of the hose into an empty bucket and turn the shutoff valve on. Check that the flow of water is strong. If there a weak flow, change the water supply line. Remove the line from your wall mounted shutoff valve, and inspect the valve for clogs. Replace the valve if necessary.

Step 5

Increase the cut-off and cut-on pressure on your well water pumping system if your refrigerator operates on a well water system. The exact adjustments to be made vary with the type of well system you have. Perform the adjustment according to the manufacturer's instructions, or hire a licensed repair person to do the work.


If a clog or leak occurs within your refrigerator's internal workings, contact Frigidaire customer support or a licensed appliance repair service for assistance.


Never perform repairs on your refrigerator when it is plugged in. Electrical current can cause serious injury or death.


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