How to Adjust a GE Oven Door

General Electric manufactures a wide selection of oven range and wall oven products. All of the models save microwave ovens use a system of top-opening pull down doors with bottom mounted hinges. GE advises a specific protocol to adjust the oven door that is the same for all GE oven models save the Spectra brand series, for which they provide alternate advice. Adjusting the door of Spectra products requires the removal and reseating of the heavy door which you may find easier with the help of a workmate.

Oven doors can periodically require adjustment.

Door Adjustment for All GE Models Save Spectra

Step 1

Grasp the oven handle, opening up the door gently just to the broil -- partially open catch -- position, leaving a roughly 3-inch gap.

Step 2

Lay your palm along the top edge of the door, on the side that is riding up and causing the unevenness and push down very firmly to even out the door so it fits snugly and evenly into its seat.

Step 3

Close the oven door and then open it again to ensure that it is aligned properly and opens smoothly.

Special Handling for GE Spectra Ovens

Step 1

Open the open door a few inches until you feel the tug of the natural stop for the broil position where the door stays partially open on its own.

Step 2

Grasp the oven door with one hand along on each side edge roughly mid-way down. Lift straight up to unseat the door, freeing it from it's hinges.

Step 3

Hold the oven door level, centered directly over the partially open hinges and slide it down, very carefully, onto the prongs of the partially open hinges.

Step 4

Allow the door to slide into position and press gently along the top edge until the door is completely seated on the hinges and the top edge of the door is level.

Step 5

Open and close the door once or twice to ensure smooth opening and closing.

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