How to Make Super Cute Seat Cushions for Folding Chairs

I love having folding chairs on hand. They can be tucked away in a closet or hung on a wall for when you might need an extra seat at the table. I found this cute little vintage folding chair at a garage sale and gave it quick coat of fresh paint. However, being that it's a metal chair, it wasn't very comfortable. So, here's this DIY seat cushion to the rescue.

DIY Seat Cushion for Folding Chair
credit: Jeran McConnel
Folding Chair with DIY seat cushion
credit: Jeran McConnel

Felt is a perfect material to use for this sewing project. It's a sturdy fabric that is also very forgiving. You don't have to be an expert seamstress to work with it, and it hides flaws and imperfections. So, even if you can't sew a perfectly straight line, no one will know. With a little stitch detail around the edge, it gives this cushion a nice tailored look.

DIY seat cushion
credit: Jeran McConnel
DIY seat cushion for a folding chair
credit: Jeran McConnel

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard or paper

  • Fabric scissors

  • Wool felt, 1/2 yard

  • Straight pins

  • Permanent marker

  • Thick foam, 1 inch

  • Sewing machine

  • Cotton webbing or ribbon, 2 feet long

  • Large embroidery needle

  • Embroidery thread

felt fabic, embroidery thread, cotton webbing
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 1

Start by tracing and cutting out a seat pattern for your specific chair.

Cut out the seat pattern.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 2

Fold the felt in half and pin the seat pattern to the felt. Using a permanent marker, trace around the pattern, leaving about a ½-inch space.

Trace the seat pattern onto the felt.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 3

Cut along the line.

Cut out the felt.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 4

Place the seat pattern on the piece of foam and trace around the pattern, leaving about a ½-inch space, just like you did with the felt.

Trace the seat pattern onto the foam.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 5

Cut out the foam with a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

Cut out the foam.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 6

Place the good sides together, and stitch around the outside of the felt leaving a ¼-inch seam allowance. On the back side of the cushion leave a 6-inch opening.

Sew the 2 pieces of felt together.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 7

Turn the fabric right side out.

Turn the felt right side out.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 8

Stuff in the foam. It will be tight, but it should fit snugly, without any wiggle room. The cushion will look better without gaps and extra space.

Stuff the foam into the seat cushion cover.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 9

Pin the opening in cushion shut, and stitch it closed.

Pin the opening shut.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 10

Using the embroidery thread and needle, stitch around the outside of cushion. Stitch every half inch on an angle. It's just a little detail that gives the cushion a fun finished look.

Stitch around the outside of the the cushion.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Step 11

And the final step is to stitch on the cotton webbing. This will keep the chair cushion in place. I attached the webbing by simply sewing it on with my sewing machine.

Stitch on the cotton webbing.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Now invite some friends over for dinner and pull up an extra chair to the table!

Folding chair with DIY seat cushion.
credit: Jeran McConnel

Jeran McConnel

Jeran McConnel

Jeran is a modern maker and the creator of Oleander and Palm. Her focus is Simple California Living, designing and making livable spaces that incorporate vintage finds, handmade pieces and global inspiration. She loves helping people find attainable beauty in the lives they live. Her creativity and industriousness were honed through years of living in third world countries that challenged her to find novel solutions for creating livable spaces. A former educator and mother of three, Jeran has settled in sunny California, where her skills and styles are evolving in exciting new ways!