How to Repair a Squeaky Couch

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Loose or rubbing zigzag springs can make a couch squeak.
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When your couch sounds like it's hatched a nest of chicks beneath it every time someone sits on it, it's time to fix those squeaks. Squeaky couches with seats that recline generally require lubricating the metal components to get rid of squeaks, but sometimes the wood frame may creak when it rubs up against other parts of the frame. You usually can rid your couch of its annoying squeaks with a few common household supplies.


Step 1

Turn over the couch to expose its underside. If it has a dust cover, detach it along three sides to access the underside of the couch.

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Step 2

Tighten all screws or nuts and bolts in the frame that you can find. As people use the couch, they can loosen, causing the couch to squeak and wiggle. Hold the nut still with one wrench while tightening the bolt head with another.


Step 3

Rub the bar of wax or the wax candle on areas where the wood frame rubs against other parts of the wood. Cabinetmakers and woodworkers use this trick on dresser drawers that ride along wooden rails to reduce the noise of the wood creaking against itself.

Step 4

Spray a silicon lubricant on all the mechanical parts that move beneath the couch if the seats recline.


Step 5

Spray the clips that hold zigzag springs taut with a silicon lubricant to make them stop squeaking. Replace any zigzag springs and clips that are broken, stretched out of shape, or detached.

Step 6

Turn the couch over and sit on it to test for squeaks. Repeat any of the steps until all the squeaks are gone. Replace the dust cover by re-stapling it if necessary.



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