How to Glue Stainless Steel to Drywall

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Stainles steel sheets are sometimes wall coverings.

Stainless steel is a durable, corrosion-resistant material used in a wide variety of home decor, including as well paneling. Stainless steel provides a decorative option for kitchen backsplashes and walls, as well as a more rugged appearance in garages or workrooms. Stainless steel tiles and panels are installed directly on top of drywall using a construction-grade adhesive instead of traditional nails or screws. Homeowners will have no difficulty installing stainless steel walls themselves to update their wall decor.


Step 1

Walk to the wall where you are installing the steel and place a 1-foot to 2-foot long wooden board flush against the top of the drywall. Pull the board down slowly, noting any location where the wall bulges out or sinks back from the board. Mark these locations with a pencil, since they require repair.

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Step 2

Remove the lid from a tub of joint compound and use a putty knife to scoop up 1/4 cup. Spread the compound over all of the marked wall locations to smooth them out with the remainder of the drywall. Drag the flat edge of the blade over the wall to remove the excess compound.


Step 3

Wait until the joint compound dries and sand the drywall using a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth it. Wipe the wall from top to bottom with a tack cloth to remove any sanding dust.

Step 4

Insert a tube of construction adhesive in a calk gun and cut off the nozzle by 1/4 inch. Squeeze the trigger of the caulk gun four to five times to start the flow of caulk.


Step 5

Turn the stainless steel face down on the floor. Apply a dime-size amount of adhesive to each corner of the steel tile. For larger steel panels, apply a 1/4-inch bead all the way around the perimeter for added holding power.

Step 6

Place the stainless steel up to the wall and press it on firmly. Apply long strips of painter's tape over the steel and secure the ends of the tape to other areas of the drywall. The tape adds support until the adhesive dries.


Step 7

Repeat the process to glue any additional stainless steel to the drywall surface.

Step 8

Wait 24 hours, and then remove all of the painter's tape. Carefully peel off the clear protective facing from the front of the stainless steel.



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