How to Get Rid of Static on Bed Sheets

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Static-filled bed sheets can be a bedtime annoyance.

Static electricity in your bed sheets causes bed linens to stick together and give you a shock when getting in or out of bed. A good night's sleep depends on comfort in the bed and worrying about stuck-together sheets is a nuisance you needn't live with. You can eliminate static in your bed sheets with effective laundering and post-laundry methods, using supplies found readily around the home.


Step 1

Wash your sheets as normal with laundry detergent. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to eliminate static and soften the fabric.

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Step 2

Line-dried sheets are less prone to static electricity.

Dry your sheets over a drying rack or clothesline for freshness and static prevention.


Step 3

Spritz the underside of your comforter or blanket and the topside of your bed sheets with a static eliminating spray about 10 to 20 minutes before you go to bed.

Step 4

You can reduce static in clothing, too, by applying lotion.

Apply body lotion before you go to sleep. Moisture in your skin discourages static electricity from your sheets.

Step 5

Run a humidifier to keep the air moisture level from getting too low.

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