How to Kill Roaches That Are in Your Oven

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Roaches are persistent pests; they can cause food poisoning and threaten the health of those living in your home. Oven occupation is a common issue, yet many residents worry about contaminating the oven with toxic pesticides. Roaches can be safely and successfully exterminated from ovens on a regular basis without creating a toxic environment. The process is simple, but it requires a month or more of time depending on the extent of the infestation. You must present an edible poison that is carried away from the oven to kill and eliminate the roach problem.


How to Kill Roaches That Are in the Oven

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Step 1

Remove and discard all food from the oven. Also remove pots and pans from the oven. Completely wash and sanitize all of the pots and pans before storing.

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Step 2

Clean the oven with a commercial oven-cleaning agent. A foam-style grease remover is a common type of non-toxic oven cleaner. Wipe the interior with a cloth to remove the grease and clean the oven. Cleaning removes the food source and discourages the roaches from entering the oven.


Step 3

Run the cleaning cycle on the oven to sanitize the interior with heat. The heat kills or pushes out roaches living in hidden crevasses in and around the oven.

Step 4

Place a glue trap behind the oven to catch roaches as they approach the unit. Glue traps are a temporary solution, but they allow you to monitor the infestation and effectiveness of your approach.


Step 5

Place 15 small gel baits inside the oven for at least two weeks and ideally for one month. The clean oven no longer provides grease for food, so the roaches eat the gel-style bait. The roaches typically leave the oven with the bait and die elsewhere. The bait sits in trays and does not leave residue in the oven when removed.



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