Kitchen Nook Space Requirements

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Breakfast nook size will vary depending on the number of seats needed.

A breakfast nook is a small space typically in or just off of the kitchen. The space is generally enclosed on three sides, and is kept small enough to seat from two and six people. The nook is not an ideal option for a large family, but is an ideal backup to a formal dining space. The specific size, shape and design of the space will vary greatly, but there are a few measurements to keep in mind to make the nook comfortable and functional.


The specific dimensions of the space are going to vary greatly depending on the available space and how many people the nook is intended to fit. A minimum sized space that measures 5-by-5 feet is ideal for a two-person nook. This will allow a small square or round table and chairs, but won't provide much space for movement or excess furnishings.

Place Settings

A place setting should be given a space of at least 24 inches in width, though 30 inches is ideal. This means that to seat two people on each side of the table, a minimum width of 60 inches is required. Table length works on a similar principle, but varies depending on seating arrangement -- whether people will be seated on both sides or just one. Tables should be 21 inches long when seating is on one side, and 42 inches for seating on both sides.

Furnishing Options

Sometimes nooks are best arranged with a corner booth style table. This permits maximum seating space in a small area. The depth of a bench, measured from the front of the seat to the back, must be at least 17-1/2 inches, and a maximum of 20 inches. This measurement, when combined with the table length, will provide the minimum amount of space required. For example, if the bench depth is 17-1/2 inches and the table length is 42 inches, a minimum 77 inches of space is required. All measurements -- the length and width of a corner table -- should include 18 additional inches for seat movement.

Round Tables

According to, the shape of the table should mirror the shape of the nook. Sometimes round tables are the most appropriate choice, and will make better use of the space than a square or rectangular table. A round table will be measured by diameter; add three feet to each side of the table.

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