How to Clear a Burnt Plastic Smoke Smell From Your House

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Things You'll Need

  • Fans

  • Shallow bowls

  • White vinegar

  • Commercial deodorizer

  • Scented candles

  • Incense sticks

  • Baking soda or carpet deodorizer

  • Mild dish washing detergent

Remove a burnt plastic smoke smell quickly to prevent it from lingering.

A burnt plastic smell can fill a home with an unpleasant odor that can make it difficult to breathe. Whether you burned the plastic in the oven, microwave or other appliance, the smell can linger behind and spread to other areas of the home. The burnt plastic fumes can irritate your lungs and may contain toxins that could harm your health. Once you notice the smoke smell, take immediate action to remove it from the home as soon as possible.

Step 1

Open the windows in the areas with the strongest odor so that the air can circulate. Prop doors open to help ventilate the home.

Step 2

Turn on ceiling fans and place portable fans in windows. Fans help circulate the air faster to move it out of the home.

Step 3

Fill shallow bowls with white vinegar to absorb the plastic smell. Place the bowls in the room with the strongest odor. Change the vinegar every other day until the burnt plastic smell is no longer noticeable.

Step 4

Mask the odors in the home with deodorizers. Commercial deodorizers are available in many different forms and scents, and they can mask the smell long enough for it to disappear. Always follow the packaging directions carefully for proper use.

Step 5

Light scented candles and incense sticks in the home to remove and mask the odor.

Step 6

Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda or a powdered carpet freshener. Let the powder sit overnight then vacuum it to remove any odors in the carpet fibers.

Step 7

Wash the walls down with a mild dish washing detergent and warm water to remove the smoke odor. Focus on the walls in the kitchen or area where the smoke was the thickest for best results.


Spray upholstery with a commercial fabric freshener to remove any burnt plastic fumes.


Avoid using the appliance, until you remove the melted plastic completely from its interior, to avoid having the odor reappear.

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