How to Get Rid of a Severely Stained Toilet Bowl

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Get rid of severe toilet bowl stains with the proper cleaning products.

A severely stained toilet bowl is unsightly. Hard water and mineral deposits, as well as other grime, may accumulate in the bowl and cause staining. Scrubbing with toilet bowl cleaner is often not enough to get rid of severe stains. Try some other remedies to clean the bowl and restore its appearance.


Step 1

Toss six denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl water. Let the tablets dissolve and sit in the bowl overnight. Scrub the toilet bowl the next day with a toilet cleaning brush.

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Step 2

Scoop the water from the toilet with an old ladle and discard. Heat 6 cups of white vinegar in the microwave for two minutes. Pour the hot vinegar into the bowl, covering the stains. Let the vinegar sit overnight in the bowl, then scrub the next day with a toilet brush.


Step 3

Sprinkle borax powder into the toilet bowl over the stains. It may be necessary to remove some of the water if the water covers the stains. Let the borax sit overnight. Scrub the toilet bowl the next day with a toilet brush.

Step 4

Scoop the water out of the toilet with an old ladle. Mix equal parts baking soda and white vinegar in a bowl. Use a rag to apply the baking soda and vinegar mixture to the stains. Slowly pour 1 gallon of boiling water into the bowl. Let it sit for at least an hour before scrubbing with a toilet brush.


Step 5

Scrub away the stains with a pumice stone. Get the pumice stone wet and keep the water in the toilet bowl. Rub the stone back and forth over the stains until they are gone.



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