How to Bleach a Colored Sheet White

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Use household bleach to change your colored sheets to white.

If you're in the mood for a color change, you don't need to run to the store to buy new linens. In fact, with a household bleach that you probably already have in your house, you can bleach your old colored linens to a crisp white. As long as the colored sheets are made of a natural fiber, you can quickly change them to white with a straightforward process that can take less than 30 minutes of work. Once bleached, you can enjoy your new sheets and know that you saved a bundle.


Step 1

Place your colored sheets into your bathtub and close the drain. The sheets must be composed of a natural fiber. Sheets made of materials such as cotton or linen are particularly suited for this application.

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Step 2

Fill the tub with three parts water and one part bleach. It is important that you adhere to this ratio. If the bleach is not diluted, it can eat through the fabric of your sheets.


Step 3

Gently stir the sheets and bleach solution with a wooden pole and then let rest for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Remove your sheets from the bathtub and wring them out. After you wring them out, deposit them into your washing machine and set to a gentle wash cycle with warm water.

Step 5

Remove the sheets from your washer and dry them. If you are not satisfied with the color, repeat the bleaching and washing cycle again.



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